Our Mission

Quality energy services, backed by reputation, driven by employees.

At Alstar – we forge ahead!

Our Vision

Exceeding expectations is not just what Alstar Oilfield Contractors does, it’s who we are. Alstar delivers industry leading energy construction services and we are dedicated to being a best in class organization for our employees, clients and community.

Our Values

At Alstar the following values are fundamental to building success for all:


Safety matters, because people matter. From planning to execution, safety is a priority every step of the way. Safety of ourselves and others is considered for every stage of every job we do.


Our employees are our company’s biggest asset. By supporting each other we deliver opportunities for personal growth and development – a differentiator allowing us to create loyal and engaged employees.


Because our customers invest in us, we can invest in our future together. We honour our partnership with our clients, they ignite our drive, and motivate us to move forward.


We create our products and services through disciplined execution and standards. Through quality people, practices and products, Alstar aims to not only meet, but to exceed industry standards.


Community is more than buildings, it is where we work, live, and play. It is the unity that brings us together, by emphasizing support and spirit within our community, we can promote involvement with those around us.

Alstar has been providing quality contractor services to the oil and gas industry in Alberta since 1969. We have grown to employ over 500 employees and service Western Canada.

Working With Us

Located in Hinton and Calgary with full time shop personnel at both locations, Alstar has capacity to fabricate over 10,500 diameter inches per week of pipe. Pre-fabrication for larger scale projects can be constructed in both locations with over 135,000 sq ft. of heated shop workspace available. The Hinton location features a 32,000 sq. ft shop and warehouse which has capabilities to complete hydro testing, sandblasting and paint. Our 90,000 sq ft. shop in Calgary is located on the high load corridor, giving Alstar the capabilities to handle projects of any size and scope.

The Alstar Advantage

Alstar is quickly becoming a leader in the oil and gas industry for turn-key new construction,  facility & mechanical construction, fabrication piping, structural steel, process equipment, vessel fabrication, module fabrication & assembly and sustaining capital projects.

Our Alstar Core Advantages include:

  • ECI program offers an integrated solution that improves overall value by highlighting efficiencies throughout design cycles.
  • Quality construction that gives our customers peace of mind
  • Cost control project management systems in place to give our customers the best value
  • A comprehensive competency program to ensure our work force is trained in all necessary levels of safety certifications and competencies
  • A Quality Control program registered with the Alberta Boiler Safety Association
  • Certificate of Recognition program with the Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Ability to deliver both small and large projects with compressed timelines
  • Customer service that is second-to-none