Calgary Fabrication Facility

Previously known Plains fabrication was founded in 1988 and acquired by Alstar in 2017. Now known as Alstar’s Calgary Fabrication Facility, we pursue innovation and productivity through our unique team-based approach that makes suppliers, customers, and employees all partners on the project. We believe that partnership with the manufacturing industry as a whole will lead to success for all and prosperity for Alberta.

Alstar embraces the “lean production” philosophy. Our state of the art 90,000 square foot facility was designed utilizing Plains fabrication’s  25 years of experience and all “lean” principles. Everyday we try to increase productivity and minimize inefficiencies and waste.

We employ over 200 professionals and skilled tradespeople in our new “green” facility in calgary and we take great pride in being a valuable member of our community and showing respect for our environment.


  • Skid Packages
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Instrument Tubing
  • Flare Stacks
  • Indirect Fired Heaters
  • Hydro testing
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pressure piping
  • Blasting & painting
  • Internal and external coating of piping, tanks and vessels
  • Custom fabrication


Our plant and capacity are fully scalable to handle your project, no matter what size or complexity.

  • Large vessel fabrication area: 15,000 square feet two 60-ton cranes (60’ x 250’ c/w 29’ hook height)
  • Module assembly area: 15,000 square feet with two 60-ton cranes (60′ x 250′ c/w 29′ hook height)
  • Pipe spooling and small vessel fabrication area: 10,000 square feet with two five-ton cranes and one 10-ton crane (40′ x 250′ c/w 32′ hook height)
  • Structural fabrication area: 10,000 square feet with two 10-ton cranes and one 5-ton crane (40’ x 250’ c/w 32’ hook height)
  • Special alloys area: 5,000 square feet (50’ x 100’)
  • Sand-blasting area: 5,750 square feet (75’ x 32’ x 30’)
  • Painting area: 5,750 square feet (75’ x 32’ x 30’)
  • Paint staging area: 5,000 square feet
  • Total fabrication area: 82,000 square feet
  • Indoor storage and shipping/receiving area: 5,000 square feet
  • (1) 75 ton mobile gantry crane
  • (3) 9 – 20 ton mobile crane
  • (4) 2000 – 15000 lb forklift
  • 10.5 acres marshalling and storage
  • 4 acres secured module assembly


We are valuable members of our industry and are proud of our association with such great groups as Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters; Productivity Alberta; Alberta Pressure Vessel Manufacturers’ Association; Careers: The Next Generation;  Manufacturer’s Action Committee and Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association.


We recycle over two-dozen types of material, ranging from paper to scrap metal, cardboard, and wood.  We even compost our lunchroom waste.  That’s over 100 employees all pitching in to make the world a better place. Our indoor paint booths and blast booths are state of the art, and our blast booth emits zero dust into the atmosphere and has reduced waste from 2000 pounds per day to just 100 pounds per day. These are just some of our environmental commitments. Contact us if you want to visit our new facility or to learn more.


  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) Quality Management Certificate AQP-1001(s)
  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) Quality Management Certificate AOQP-7004
  • ASME U Symbol Certificate 34,219
  • National Board Certificate
  • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certificate for CSA Standard W47.1