ECI Advantage Program

In a continuous effort to help reduce costs and maximize value, Alstar developed the Early Construction Involvement (ECI) Advantage Program.

Our ECI program offers an integrated solution that improves overall value by highlighting efficiencies throughout design cycles. This service offers a synergistic approach with the client and EPC resulting in a pro­active approach to design and construction.

Overall Benefits

  • Overall cost improvement
  • Schedule optimization
  • Safety and quality performance improvement
  • Highlight efficiencies throughout design cycles
  • Shorter construction periods and reduced schedule impacts during construction
  • Bid process improvement minimizing clarifications and change orders
  • Collaborative detailed scope of work
  • Partnership approach
  • Additional flexibility and value
  • Concise¬†communication

Project Benefits

  • Higher level of construction expertise
  • Design input that directly impacts construction performance by lowering risk, while expediting the schedule
  • Improved collaboration during construction
  • Continuous input will influence project cost by providing adequate time for construction planning
  • Ability to harness the latest knowledge and technologies being used industry wide
  • Complete clarity on project scope which helps to minimize change orders