Alstar Oilfield Contractors Ltd. (Alstar) contracts services and supplies from Vendors that are aligned with Alstar’s Mission, Vision, and Values, which can be found under ‘About Us’.

Service Vendors

All service vendors must acknowledge and comply with Alstar’s safety culture along with Provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation. Alstar’s pre-qualification procedure was developed and implemented to certify that all service vendors have been approved by Alstar before receiving access to an Alstar shop area or yard, or an Alstar client work site.

It is the policy of Alstar to ensure that all service vendors meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Maintain a WCB account in good standing in the province in which they are working;
  • Carry valid commercial & vehicle insurance certificate(s) with Alstar listed as additionally insured to the levels dictated by Alstar;
  • Maintain a safety management system which meets or exceeds Alstar’s standards or commit to adopting Alstar’s safety management system while performing work for Alstar;
  • Manage a ComplyWorks company profile and hold a compliant grade with Alstar.

After successful completion of Alstar’s pre-qualification, service vendors are asked to review, acknowledge and comply with Alstar’s Health, Safety & Environment Terms and Conditions, please see the link below to review this document.

HSE Terms & Conditions 

If your organization is interested in performing services and/or providing materials to support Alstar’s business, please submit an email to:

Please note, only suppliers of interest will be contacted. However, all email requests submitted to Alstar are saved in our database for up to 12 months in the event of future interest and changing business requirements.